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A few months ago we reported a seeming discrepancy in Nintendo’s supply chain: Nearly every release of a major console had suffered from out-of-stock problems, potentially caused by off-mark projections.

Today, I asked HR Dive colleague Ryan Golden for a status update – he is, as he phrased it, “a loyal Nintendo customer” – who said he was dismayed after not being able to buy the Nintendo Switch a full month after the product’s release. “I can’t believe that even though they ramped up production, there’s nothing coming through [Baltimore]. It’s not like it’s out in the middle of nowhere!”

Alas, lead times can be unforgiving … and so can customers. Golden may be willing to pay $300 for a Nintendo Switch, but the frustration of no units for sale locally, combined with the travel distance necessary to find it elsewhere, proves to be untenable for many. He’ll just have to wait until, eventually, it reaches his market. The question is, how many customers will decide it's not worth the wait?

Speaking of waiting, Supply Chain Dive will not be publishing Friday, April 14 as the markets will be closed. Don't worry, we’ll be right back Monday with an exciting new series on supply chain education!

Edwin Lopez
Associate Editor, Supply Chain Dive
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